MIPS Plastics is the leading pallet supplier of plastic pallets in india. MIPS is the authorized channel partner for Mah Sing Plastics Industries (MSPI) Sdn. Bhd Malaysia for its operations in India. MSPI is one of the pioneer company in South East Asia engaged in Plastic Pallet manufacturing for more than 25 years. Our Plastic Pallets are of durable and needs of high quality virgin plastics suitable for all applications in material handling and storage.

MIPS is Headquartered in Chennai the industrial port and automobile hub of South India. Which is one of the fastest developing cities in Asia.

MIPS Plastics has a strong dealer network and presence in the country.

MIPS Plastics is currently under expansion plans with appointment of dealers in all states and all major cities in India. MIPS Plastics operates though a well networked logistics ensuring timely delivery of goods and stock.

Our Vision

To Supply high quality, environment friendly and cost effective plastic pallets for stacking and export goods. Also to provide complete storage solutions and stacking solutions for the industry of high quality.


 All our products meet ISO 8611 Standards

 Pallets for Material Handling flat pallets

 Our parent company MSPI has been awarded industry Excellence Award for Innovative Product Excellence by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia in 2004 and MSPI was also recognized as Samsung Electronics (M)'s valued partners by winning the Best Practice Productivity Award in 2008 and Best Supplier Award in 2008 Best Supplier Award - Plastic Injection in 2006

 Pallets are manufacturing the following Standard reference such as JISZ 0602 methods for flat pallets. ASTM D1185 - 98a (STD of methods for Pallets & Related Structure employed in Material Handling & Shipping)